Compiling the World’s Most Useful Geological Atlas

The Atlas 2027 project looks to update and expand the much-respected 1994 Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.
The 1994 Atlas has been a bedrock of knowledge for geoscientists working in western Canada for decades.
The 2027 Atlas will carry that tradition on into the future.

Since 1994, the geological Atlas has been an invaluable resource to researchers, in both industry
and academia, in understanding the nature of the basin’s formation and its natural resources.
Since that time, the basin has seen unprecedented activity, resulting in new knowledge and insights.


Over 180 authors are involved in the Atlas Project. They are well known both within Canada and internationally as experts in their fields.


New energy plays (e.g., geothermal and helium) as well as mineral resources not covered previously (e.g., lithium and potash) will be included.


Newly available data and evolving energy trends, along with the regional context, will allow the Atlas to enable decision-making based on access to the best available scientific knowledge.

Atlas 2027 will be freely available and digitally accessible the world over – a momentous task that will require a variety of resources.

Funds donated to this project will help pay for software, data, and specialist expertise.

Canada’s energy industry is evolving, and your generous donation will help future geoscientists provide for Canada’s future.

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